Slutty School Girls Athletic Football Club

About Slutty School Girls Athletic Football Club

Slutty School Girls Athletic Football Club compete in Newcastle Student Sixes

Slutty School Girls Athletic Football Club compete in League E of the Newcastle Student Sixes. Playing in a social league, the sluts pride themselves of performing at a high level, showing off their incredible skills, they are a tough team to face.

Managed by the notorious D-Money, who demands the very best from each individual.


The formidable Tom Johnson is captain, offering much inspiration with his famous 'bum slaps' and 'bum grabs', he is a menace on the field. His trademark rainbow flick is his go to party piece, defenders must watch out.

In goal, the trusty Will Wheeler. He doesn't need gloves with his safe farming hands. A difficult keeper to beat, strikers will have to be at their best to get past this last line of defence.

The dazzling Ants Crook is a solid all round performer, a regular goal scorer and sturdy defender. Watch out for this kid, tipped for big things in the future, rumour has it he is in talks with numerous premiership clubs.

Rory Harding prides himself on his defensive game, never known to be beaten, he is often referred to as 'the rock'. Using his multilingual abilities, he confuses and distracts the opposition.

Ben Morris, also known as Mr. Chat, brings the occasional moment of magic with mazy runs beating numerous defenders. This guy never stops talking, getting inside the oppositions heads and putting them off their game.

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